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Helpless by LeeFucksAround Helpless :iconleefucksaround:LeeFucksAround 3 1 Tanzanite (Corrupted Gem) by LeeFucksAround Tanzanite (Corrupted Gem) :iconleefucksaround:LeeFucksAround 7 1 Aventurine (Gemsona) by LeeFucksAround Aventurine (Gemsona) :iconleefucksaround:LeeFucksAround 6 3 What a World...(Front Cover) by LeeFucksAround What a World...(Front Cover) :iconleefucksaround:LeeFucksAround 7 1
Welcome to the World
Dark-Skinned Variant Event #1: You're place in this world.
The first place to begin when becoming apart of the canon world of the dark-skins is to state your place in society or what place you are striving to achieve. "Places" are as follows (from most important, and hard to achieve, to least important, and easy to achieve):
Higher UpsRepresentativesGeneralsCaptains
Drill Sergeants
SoldiersMedicsNews AnchorsTeachersJanitorsEveryday Citizens
All play a role in this world, but some just aren't as important as others.
More in depth descriptions of each "place" can be found below:
Higher Ups run society. They are the basic equivalence of congress, but without a president there to make sure they aren't fucking up. There are only allowed to be nine of the Higher Ups in power at one time and they are in power until they either die or retire. If a Higher Up should die or retire, an election will be held, though the choosing of candidates is very strict and has many unspoken guidelines that nee
:iconleefucksaround:LeeFucksAround 4 15
Captain Black Pearl (SU OC) by LeeFucksAround Captain Black Pearl (SU OC) :iconleefucksaround:LeeFucksAround 10 9 Anius (MYO Starved Angel) by LeeFucksAround Anius (MYO Starved Angel) :iconleefucksaround:LeeFucksAround 12 3 Katia and Jackie (Approved) by LeeFucksAround Katia and Jackie (Approved) :iconleefucksaround:LeeFucksAround 13 14
Would You Role-Play in this Setting?
Since I've heard a lot about forums, I decided I would actually try and get involved in them, and, you know, they're actually really fun. I mean, I've only been on the furry forums so far, but that's besides the point, ahah.
Anyway, I've been organizing a role-play over there and I was wondering how many people would be interested in me moving said role-play here. I would still be having it over there, but I'd also have it here. Here's the general premise:
The year is 2040. Unlike what most people out there would expect, not many things have changed. Aside from advancements in technology that gradually gave us better VR and driver-less cars, everything else is pretty much the same...that is, aside from the disappearances. They started out slow, most people just assumed they were unrelated abductions, but, as time went on, soon everyone was beginning to panic, thinking that there must be something wrong. Family members would disappear from their beds without a trace, romantic partners,
:iconleefucksaround:LeeFucksAround 1 12
Gregor (Secondary Fursona) by LeeFucksAround Gregor (Secondary Fursona) :iconleefucksaround:LeeFucksAround 12 16 Come At Me by LeeFucksAround Come At Me :iconleefucksaround:LeeFucksAround 0 8
Basic Lore
The Dark-Skins live in a universe that is separate of ours, but have knowledge of our existence through rifts that frequently open and spew out random human belongings into their world. Although, if you asked the average Dark-Skin about their world's situation, they say that everything's fine and that rifts opening up to other worlds is a perfectly normal thing that has always happened, their universe is slowly ripping itself apart. The majority of the higher ups in society know of the impending doom that is slowly drawing near, but there's nothing anyone can do, so they just ignore it and pretend like nothing is wrong. The end of the world isn't what this story will be focusing on, considering no Dark-Skins really care about it at this point, but it's important to explain why the presence of rifts in space time appear in the story.
The focus of this story, is, of course, on Lee and why he became a hermit living in the woods, but there's other components that I'll explain here that won
:iconleefucksaround:LeeFucksAround 1 0
Damn by LeeFucksAround Damn :iconleefucksaround:LeeFucksAround 4 3 Happy Birthday, My Dude by LeeFucksAround Happy Birthday, My Dude :iconleefucksaround:LeeFucksAround 10 4 Edgy Wolf-Man by LeeFucksAround Edgy Wolf-Man :iconleefucksaround:LeeFucksAround 8 0 What a Renaissance Man, Perfect in Every Way by LeeFucksAround What a Renaissance Man, Perfect in Every Way :iconleefucksaround:LeeFucksAround 14 0
This be my art, give it a look if you'd like ^^"""


MINIBOSS ep. 3 pg. 24 by flynnmutt MINIBOSS ep. 3 pg. 24 :iconflynnmutt:flynnmutt 425 72 The white flame by Ner-Tamin The white flame :iconner-tamin:Ner-Tamin 192 5 Slow Wyrm by Swirlything Slow Wyrm :iconswirlything:Swirlything 44 2 [There All Is Aching] by Lush-Laws [There All Is Aching] :iconlush-laws:Lush-Laws 24 2 Dieu est mort by rimuu Dieu est mort :iconrimuu:rimuu 1,818 87 The Life I Never Had by Edowaado The Life I Never Had :iconedowaado:Edowaado 425 66 CM - Samansu by Wofiira CM - Samansu :iconwofiira:Wofiira 17 2 this smell bad by Emerash this smell bad :iconemerash:Emerash 63 3 Happy B-Day Hochmut by Satoga Happy B-Day Hochmut :iconsatoga:Satoga 63 4 Convocations Page 212 by Corrosives Convocations Page 212 :iconcorrosives:Corrosives 108 29 Friends Or Enemies Part 2 by UnknownSpy Friends Or Enemies Part 2 :iconunknownspy:UnknownSpy 124 45 TTB - Page 58 Chap5 by WhiteFoxCub TTB - Page 58 Chap5 :iconwhitefoxcub:WhiteFoxCub 121 9 Time to shine by Fenei Time to shine :iconfenei:Fenei 28 11 125 by Plastyk6 125 :iconplastyk6:Plastyk6 4 0 I am who I am and that's all there is to it by Kittidipity I am who I am and that's all there is to it :iconkittidipity:Kittidipity 10 0 Solar Cringe Popo by xXReptilianKittenXx Solar Cringe Popo :iconxxreptiliankittenxx:xXReptilianKittenXx 8 1
I like this art...this is also where I save adoptables sheets I either bought from or want to buy from


:iconswaggony: :iconanthonyartfreak: :iconwhiteclaw001: :iconcohpycat: :iconaldecaalfi: :iconjelwolf:


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Avatar by CrunchyCrowe on youtube (if the animator has a problem with me using that part of their animation as my avatar, I'll gladly change it. Just send me a note asking me to change the picture and it'll be gone asap)

Howdy, just a casual edge-duke touring the web and being an asshole. I'm always open to talk to people who want to chat, so you can either reply to the comment on my profile or send me a note.
A few quick things to note about me:
-I do not take requests and commissions are forever closed. I may do a custom design if you note me about it, but that depends on how busy I am.
-I respond to both Lee and Magnus, though the majority of people online call me Lee. Just call me whichever you're most comfortable with.
-I use male pronouns and am trans (F-M), so that's why I don't look and sound as manly as one may expect.
-I am a teenager in high school, meaning that my life is a bit hectic and I'm bogged down with work a lot of the time, so sorry if my activity is lacking sometimes.
-I like to complain a lot, so if you don't want to read status updates or journals filled with me being a bitchy asshole, just turn off notifications for that kind of stuff, because I will post stuff that can be considered venting
-I'm edgy as Hell, ahah

If you ever have an issue with something I'm doing, take it up with me personally, I will respond to your concerns and whatnot to the best of my abilities.


Look into your eyes, and the sky's the limit I'm helpless!
Down for the count, and I'm drownin' in 'em.
I have never been the type to try and grab the spotlight
We were at a revel with some rebels on a hot night walked in and my heart went "Boom!"
Tryin' to catch your eye from the side of the ballroom
Everybody's dancin' and the band's top volume me and suddenly I'm
Oh, look at those eyes (Look into your eyes, and the sky's the limit)
Oh! Yeah, I'm helpless, I know
(Down for the count and I'm drownin' in 'em)
(I'm helpless!)
I'm so into you, I am so into you (Look into your eyes, and the sky's the limit I'm helpless!)
I know I'm down for the count and I'm drownin' in 'em"

 -"Helpless" (…)

Jelwolf ;;;u;;;
I drew this for my beb, because yea...she's just the sweetest...she's making me so happy and we've only been together for a day, ahah.
Oh yea, by the way, those are us as villains...I'm the one with the computer/TV head and she's the smol bean with the top hat. I really enjoy these designs, ahah, I've kinda been drawing them nonstop. I might have a problem, but that's besides the point
Due to the way I wanted to write "Helpless", I had to squish all the letters together, so it kinda looks a little weird, but I think it looks nice, personally...even if I accidentally made the P look like an R, ahah
Anyway, things are going smoothly so far and my love and I are happy.
So, I plan on coming out to my parents on every front I have to relatively soon. Those fronts are: being bisexual, dating one of my best friends, dating one of my best friends I met online, and being trans...this sure is going to be a doozy. I wrote a letter explaining everything I felt like they need to know, seeing as I'm cowardly and don't think I can say all this to their face, and I'll probably send it to them in a few days...or maybe I'll wait to do it on my birthday. many options, ahahah *sweats*
Starlight Glimmer (Nervous Smile) mlp season 6 Starlight Glimmer (Nervous Smile) mlp season 6 Dipper Pines Acting nervous Icon! Dipper Pines Acting nervous Icon! Dipper Pines Acting nervous Icon! Green Link Sweat papy SCREM papy SCREM papy SCREM sCREM sCREM sCREM sCREM sCREM 
So, yes, it only took one day for this dood to get back into a relationship. Even better, I'm with one of my closest friends, Jelwolf :'>>> it feels a little surreal, but hey, I think that's just how it feels in the beginning, so, with time, things'll be just great ^^
Deleted the journal because it was no longer needed, ahah...*buries self in sand*
Today is good, I think
I know I'm not the only one having issues with Skype, seeing as a friend of mine said he's having problems too, but how many more people are experiencing issues with it?
I went to try and make a Microsoft account again today and I think the entirety of Microsoft is having a collective aneurysm, or something, since the site was down and wouldn't let me make an account. I'm just kinda upset, seeing as I wanted to make plans with my other friend to binge watch Steven Universe together and now Skype/Microsoft is refusing to cooperate with me. I guess we could use Discord or something, but you can't share screens with that and it just wouldn't be the same :/


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